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3 Years, 29 Winning Companies - Who We Are


Some of the most common questions we get from potential applicants, sponsors, judges, and the local community are about our winners.

“How many companies have won the 43North competition?”

“Where are these companies from?”

“What industries do they operate in?”

All great questions. It can be hard to keep up with our winning companies because there’s just so many of them! They’re hiring employees in Western New York, building partnerships with local companies, and receiving local and national media coverage.

Our 29 winners come from across the globe, from right here in Buffalo to as far away as Taiwan and Israel. They cover a wide range of industries, too, from healthcare to clean technology to software and apps, so chances are your startup will fit right in.

If you’re thinking about applying to this year’s competition (and we hope you are!), this is the type of company you would be joining as a 43North winner.

ACV Auctions – 2015 Winner

From: Buffalo, NY

ACV Auctions is a live wholesale marketplace for dealer-only automobile auctions. All it takes is five minutes to upload pictures and a description of the vehicle to their mobile app to launch the auction to hundreds of registered buyers.

Asana Medical – 2014 Winner

From: Miami, FL

Asana is working to provide a unique treatment for debilitating digestive diseases with a patent-pending medical device that stimulates the body to heal itself. This proven therapy eliminates the need for medication or surgery, and targets the $9 billion ulcerative colitis market.

Asarasi – 2016 Winner

From: Katonah, NY

Asarasi harvests fresh water from a unique source: maple trees. Rather than tapping into a supply of fresh groundwater that isn’t quickly replenished, this sustainable and renewable resource produces biologically pure water, which they then carbonate and bottle.

ASi – 2014 Winner

From: Tonawanda, NY

ASi’s metal-forming process creates finished or near-finished metal parts at extremely fast rates, while strengthening the metal and providing excellent accuracy and precision.

Bounce Imaging – 2016 Winner

From: Boston, MA
Bounce Imaging’s 360-degree throwable camera gives first-responders an instant look at the dangerous space they’re about to enter through real-time video sent to their smartphone. This allows emergency crews to develop a proactive, rather than reactive, plan for the situation.

CleanSlate UV – 2015 Winner

From: Toronto, Ontario

The CleanSlate UV system is a tabletop sanitization device for infection control in hospitals and medical centers. It sanitizes smartphones, tablets, glucometers, thermometers, and a range of other portable electronics using UV light.

CoachMePlus – 2015 Winner

From: Buffalo, NY

CoachMePlus allows organizations to track athlete information with one centralized system. This software allows users to quickly uncover performance trends to evaluate gameday readiness and prevent injury.

Cytocybernetics – 2015 Winner

From: North Tonawanda, NY

Cytocybernetics has developed a technology to improve drug safety screening, ensuring that new drugs brought to market do not cause cardiac arrhythmias. This will help pharmaceutical companies navigate the FDA approval process more efficiently and without setbacks.

DaStrong – 2014 Winner

From: Taipei, Taiwan

DaStrong stands to revolutionize the electronic cooling industry through an electromagnetic force-driven cooling module. Compared to existing solutions, this module operates at a lower cost with significantly lower power consumption, while also boasting better reliability and longer life span.

Disease Diagnostic Group – 2015 Winner

From: Boston, MA

Disease Diagnostic Group is focused on screening, tracking, and diagnosing highly infectious diseases in the developing world. Their magneto-optical technology can diagnose malaria 10 times faster and 100 times more accurately than current solutions for a quarter of the cost.

Efferent Labs – 2014 Winner

From: Fairport, NY

Efferent Labs developed a Living Biosensor System that monitors biological signaling and cellular responses in real time. It is a unique system because it employs living cell lines – a powerful tool to assess cellular function in-vivo.

Energy Intelligence – 2014 Winner

From: Somerville, MA

Energy Intelligence’s technology generates clean energy at high-traffic locations from the motion of vehicles. The system lays flat on roadways where vehicles are required to slow down (like parking garage entrances and toll plazas), and when cars drive over it, it generates electricity to power nearby equipment.

Formarum – 2016 Winner

From: Toronto, Ontario
Formarum has developed a turbine technology that allows for the creation of self-powered and self-contained devices that can be installed in pipes. This eliminates the need for any control panels, cables, and communication modules, simplifying installation and cutting costs.

Genetesis – 2014 Winner

From: Mason, OH

Genetesis is a biotechnology company oriented towards the development of efficient and non-invasive cardiac current density mapping. The technology utilizes the body’s weak magnetic fields to reconstruct areas of high and low electrical conductivity in the heart.

Hemogenyx – 2014 Winner

From: New York, NY

Hemogenyx is a biopharmaceutical company developing a new treatment for blood diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, and bone marrow failure. The company leverages a special class of cells that can generate cancer-free, patient-matched blood stem cells, which can be used in certain stem cell transplants.

HigherMe – 2016 Winner

From: Boston, MA

HigherMe helps retail and hourly employers hire better employees faster through their suite of software. Companies like Dunkin’ Donuts, White Castle, and Panera Bread trust them with the most important part of their operation: their people.

Infonaut – 2015 Winner

From: Ontario, Canada

Infonaut helps prevent hospital-acquired infections, which kill more people annually than breast cancer and car accidents combined. Infonaut’s platform is solving the global challenge of deadly hospital infections through real-time surveillance, analytics, and behavior improvement.

KeepUp – 2014 Winner

From: New York, NY

KeepUp is a productivity app that lets you keep up with major life events shared on social media all in one place. The app puts you in control of who you follow, what events you see, and how often you receive updates.

Medical Conservation Devices – 2014 Winner

From: Batavia, NY

Medical Conservation Devices has developed a low-cost anesthesia machine to expand the use of anesthesia globally. Their device allows a hospital to sedate critically ill patients and provide anesthesia for up to 8 patients at one time.

Oncolinx – 2016 Winner

From: Boston, MA

Oncolinx is developing targeted cancer immunotherapies (called antibody-drug conjugates) in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute. They currently partner with 14 leading pharmaceutical companies and are planning to enter clinical trials in mid-2017.

Painless1099 – 2015 Winner

From: Richmond, VA

Painless1099 allows employees to save for tax season through an online bank account. Workers deposit their 1099 income into the account, where taxes are automatically withheld, and the remaining balance is deposited directly into their personal checking account.

PathoVax – 2016 Winner

From: Baltimore, MD

Pathovax is commercializing RGVax, a low-cost vaccine for HPV-associated cancers. Current vaccines focus exclusively on sexually transmitted types, resulting in low uptake from incomplete coverage and social stigma, but RGVax focuses on all types – which helps position it as an early childhood vaccine.

Plum – 2015 Winner

From: Waterloo, Ontario

Plum is a turnkey Cloud software solution that uses behavioral science and predictive analytics to identify high-potential applicants for success and fit. The results are matched with the employer’s needs for each role and creates a shortlist for efficient interviewing and placement.

Programmable Equipment Company – 2014 Winner

From: Amherst, NY

Programmable Equipment Company developed a software platform to increase throughput and quality in the industrial market. The software orchestrates manual processes by simultaneously feeding instruction steps to the worker, controlling equipment, and storing data.

Qoints – 2015 Winner

From: Toronto, Ontario

Qoints aggregates digital marketing data and helps companies evaluate the performance of campaigns by comparing their results against industry benchmarks. This will allow for more accurate and efficient data collection as well as more targeted marketing moving forward.

TriMirror – 2014 Winner

From: Toronto, Ontario

TriMirror is changing the way we shop through a virtual fitting room with 3D clothing simulation technology. This technology shows how the clothing would look on the user via a web browser, smartphone, in-store installation, or virtual mirror with motion tracking.

Ultracell Insulation – 2016 Winner

From: Boston, MA

Ultracell Insulation makes high-performance building insulation from recycled corrugated cardboard. Their unique patented and proven process allows them to manufacture a superior product at a lower cost than conventional cellulose.

Voiceitt – 2015 Winner

From: Tel Aviv, Israel

Voiceitt aims to revolutionize communication among people with various motor, speech, and language disabilities, enabling them to use the most natural tool there is – their own voice.

WeDidIt – 2016 Winner

From: Brooklyn, NY

WeDidIt helps nonprofits raise money and reach new donors online through a software that aggregates donor data. This takes the hassle out of online fundraising and makes donor research simple, allowing for more targeted fundraising campaigns.

So, want in? We want to learn more about you!

The application period is open through May 24, 2017 at 11:59pm EDT, so click this link to get your startup in the running for a cut of $5 million. Good luck!

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