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Meet the 43North Year 8 Cohort!

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Buffalo – the city where hard work wins hearts. After months of fierce competition, we’re excited to introduce our five $1 Million investments and new additions to Buffalo’s startup ecosystem!

The five companies receiving a $1 Million investment are: 

Otrafy📍 Chicago, IL
Twipes📍 London, UK
AMPAworks 📍 Santa Monica, CA
Phood 📍 New York, NY
Mod Tech Labs📍Austin, TX

Huge congratulations to ALL of our 43North Finalists! Getting to that stage was no small feat, and we look forward to staying in touch with our runners-up!

Thank you to our judges, partners, sponsors, friends, family, and applicants for making this year’s 43North Finals one we’ll never forget! We’re excited to have all five of these companies join our Y8 cohort and the 43North family.


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