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Introducing "Latitude - The 43North Podcast"


Who doesn’t want to hear the sweet harmonies of my voice in your ear on any given morning, afternoon, or evening? Well, it’s happening, so fasten your seat belts.

As the Digital Media Manager at 43North, it’s my job to bring you the things you’ve been asking for. Since its inception three years ago, followers of 43North have been asking for a podcast.

And now you’re getting one.

On behalf of the rest of the 43N team, I’m happy to introduce you to “Latitude – The 43North Podcast.” And who better to help me kick things off than our Executive Director John Gavigan?

Latitude - Episode 1 Cover Art

So what is the mission and vision of this podcast? Obviously we’ll be dabbling into and discussing the 43North competition itself, especially during the application period. But we want to explore our broader mission: shaping the startup culture in Western New York and beyond. We plan to talk to startups in the community and investors outside the community, and tell the stories that are important to our audience.


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