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Mastering Your Inbound Pipeline with The Gist


In this episode, CJ Maurer, the driving force behind The Gist, a dynamic inbound marketing agency headquartered at Buffalo’s iconic Seneca One Tower, joins forces with the 43North team. Together, they explore the intricate world of mastering your CRM to supercharge sales through the dynamic landscape of inbound marketing.


The Gist is your ally in aligning growth strategies with core operating systems, enhancing marketing, sales, and service exclusively for B2B companies on the HubSpot CRM. They optimize functions to attract, engage, and delight customers organically and at scale.


CJ demystifies inbound marketing, an approach distinct from traditional ads. Inbound marketing leverages tactics such as content creation to offer value, prompting prospective customers to initiate contact for more information and kickstarting the deal pipeline. 

This customer-centric approach works because you’re offering up free value and showcasing your expertise before the customer even commits. This helps to build a trusting relationship with the customer and, ultimately, higher conversions. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t an overnight sales tactic. Inbound marketing can take months of work and consistency before you start seeing results. But once you do, you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing it before. 


Explore the power of your CRM’s automation tools, transforming your inbound marketing into a perpetual, 24/7 sales engine. Again, this long-term commitment requires patience and strategic nurturing, which are pivotal for long-term success.


Cj says that founders who are getting started with inbound marketing should talk to their sales and executive leaders to uncover crucial metrics. Capturing pertinent data in your deal pipeline can enhance both customer and team experiences. 

If you’re ready to dive into your inbound marketing journey or need help enhancing the functions within HubSpot, reach out to CJ and The Gist team.


The Gist:
Twitter: @thegist

Connect with CJ: LinkedIn

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