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ACV Auctions

ACV Auctions is the nation's leading wholesale automotive auction marketplace for buyers and sellers.

Buffalo, NY


Cohort Year: Y2 (2016)
Status: Active
HQ: Buffalo, NY

Y2 (2016) Software EXIT

ACV Auctions is the leading online car auction for dealers. If you have a dealer’s license, you can join ACV to source clean title used cars or wholesale inventory, like SUVspickup truckssedanshatchbacksluxury cars, and more. ACV’s used car auctions are 100% online and run daily, so you can find used car inventory from your phone or desk without having to travel to a physical auto auction.

ACV has vehicle inspectors all over the nation who inspect wholesale, off-lease, and retail inventory directly on the lot. The inspectors conduct a thorough vehicle inspection so you can bid with confidence. The vehicle inspection includes interior and exterior photos of the vehicle to show the tires, engine, odometer; high-definition engine sounds; OBDII scan; Paint Meter: Undercarriage, Engine Sound, and more.

ACV also has other products that can make your life as a dealer easier including: Transportation, Flooring, Inventory Management and Vehicle Appraisal tools.

ACV Pitch at 43North Finals 2015

“With no signs of stopping, Buffalo may be the perfect spot for your company”


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