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Immersed Games

Authentic game-based learning with real problem solving.

Buffalo, NY


Cohort Year: Y5 (2019)
Status: Active
HQ: Buffalo, NY

Y5 (2019) Edtech

Immersed Games is transforming learning in a $93b market as they empower experiential problem-solving in a video game, Tyto Online. We’ve built a powerful authoring tool based on learning science that makes real learning: solve a food shortage with science, answer historical mysteries, or use math to help your community. We first built our own content in science, reaching over 25k learners who have done over 85k quests. Now, we’re partnering with publishers to accelerate reach.

Immersed Games Pitch at 43North Finals 2018


Lindsey Tropf

Caroline Lamarque

Ryan Tropf