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Founder Friday: Adam Lazar, Asarasi

Learn more about Asarasi’s groundbreaking accomplishments in the beverage industry, and how Adam and his team hope to encourage others to take part in this movement towards sustainability.


Latitude Episode 2: Water from Maple Trees?

Did you know there are billions of gallons of water produced when maple farmers process the sap from maple trees? Probably not, and that’s okay. We didn’t know that either until Adam Lazar first pitched his startup to 43North a few years ago. Skipping ahead but also looking back at the 2016 competition, his company, Asarasi Sparkling

water from maple trees

Water from Maple trees?

Maple season is a big deal throughout New York State. In fact, the Empire State has the largest inventory of tappable maple trees in the entire U.S. (sorry Vermont). And New York is home to over 2,000 maple sugar makers in the state, which makes the tree gold big business. Sprague’s Maple Farm in Portville is