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Seneca One

Buffalo New York

Visiting 43North at Seneca One

VISITING 43 NORTH FOR THE FIRST TIME?     43North is located on the 24th floor of Seneca One. Below is the building address and helpful tips for parking and finding your way inside. Address:1 Seneca Street, FL 24Buffalo, NY 14203 Parking Directions The Seneca One parking garage is located at 50 Exchange Street. On


Seneca One Spotlight

Seneca One Tower, located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, radiates with promising energy that continues to ripple into the entire city. Serving as a beacon for Buffalo’s growing startup and tech ecosystem, the tower is home to the 43North team, our current cohort, and many other startup leaders.  In 2014, Douglas Jemal purchased the

43North Year In Review
Media Coverage

43North 2020 Year In Review

2020 looked like a year to retreat on the surface, but for 43North, it’s been a year marked by great momentum and the type of traction that turned things we only dreamed about when we started in 2014 into reality. This year, our portfolio companies raised over $150 million in venture capital, walked away with