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43North Application


Winning & Thriving with 43North’s Startup Accelerator Program

How to Submit an Application That Will Get Your Startup Noticed Every year, 43North receives hundreds of applications from outstanding founders of seed-stage startups. Then, they go through three rounds of judging before we even decide who will come pitch on stage. So how do you make your startup application stand out from the rest?

43North plan for 2020
Media Coverage

An Update on Our Plans for 2020

Everything we do at 43North is community-first, and for that reason we have made the incredibly difficult decision to cancel our $5M startup competition for 2020. It is our responsibility to do what is best for our community, and with the great level of uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, moving forward as planned would be contradictory to that commitment. 


Why Should You Apply to 43North?

There are lots of great startup competitions, incubators, and accelerator programs out there, so you might be wondering, “What makes us different?” Aside from the investment of $500K or $1 million, what else do you get? Here’s why you should apply to 43North.