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Big Wheelbarrow’s Sam Eder Makes Buffalo Home 🦬

Big Wheelbarrow (Y7) co-founder Sam Eder, his wife, Julie Amaon, and their dog, Ella, quickly settled in after a move from Austin to Buffalo in Jan. 2022! They now work, live, and play in Seneca One Tower, where their apartment is just seconds away from Big Wheelbarrow’s office on floor 24! Eder says “Buffalo knows how to

Circuit Clinical Medidata

Circuit Clinical’s groundbreaking partnership with Medidata

Circuit Clinical (Y6) has entered an exclusive and “groundbreaking” partnership with Medidata. CEO of Circuit Clinical, Irfan Khan says this partnership will be transformative for the life sciences industry and help bring care to communities who historically have had limited access. Read more on Yahoo! Finance

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Yahoo! Finance: We need more VC’s to invest earlier in black founders: Co-founder of Squire

The following is a repost from Yahoo! Finance. Visit the link to watch the full video. Songe LaRon, Co-founder of Squire and Michael Seibel, Group Partner and Managing Director, Early Stage at YC joins the Yahoo Finance panel to discuss diversity in the tech industry. Video Transcript AKIKO FUJITA: Silicon Valley’s top accelerator is doubling down