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Founder Friday


Founder Friday: Thomas Wilkie and Tim Adowski, Storillo

Storillo is working to make group work more collaborative and get teachers integrated into the group’s workflow. Learn how Storillo is putting “the group back in group work” in today’s Founder Friday with co-founders Thomas Wilkie and Tim Adowski!

Buffalo Automation

Founder Friday: Thiru Vikram, Buffalo Automation

Buffalo Automation has had several big wins in the WNY community since its founding in 2015. And with self-driving technology becoming an area of focus for automakers, it’s inevitable that we will soon see this technology widely implemented in the maritime industry.


Founder Friday: Derrick Parson, GRASPIE

Today, GRASPIE is participating in Launch NY and working with their first enterprise client of over 2,000 employees. They plan to bring on several additional enterprise companies over the next few years as well as expand the team here in Buffalo


Founder Friday: Rohan Shah, Classavo

Learn more about Classavo, which is currently being used at the University at Buffalo and Canisius College, and founder Rohan Shah in today’s Founder Friday!


Founder Friday: Alex Bass, CyberBytes

CyberBytes is partnering with ProsperWorks, the number one CRM for Google’s suite of products, to help small and medium-sized businesses be more efficient. Learn more about the founder, Alex Bass, in today’s Founder Friday!


Founder Friday: Scott Wayman, Kangarootime

Scott Wayman realized that the educational sector was seriously lacking innovation, despite being so essential to our development. This led him to start Kangarootime, a platform that’s automating tasks for educators and better connecting families to their child’s education.

Femi Secrets

Founder Friday: Davielle Jackson, Femi Secrets

What’s next for Femi Secrets? The launch of a subscription-based model, manufacturing facility, and growth right here in Buffalo. Learn more about Davielle and 2017 Winner Femi Secrets in today’s Founder Friday!