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Catch up with the latest developments, news and insights from 43North and our portfolio companies.


Latitude Episode 17: Investing In Upstate – A Venture Capitalist’s View

This week on the Latitude Podcast we chat with Noa Simmons, Executive Director at Upstate Venture Association of New York. Noa has spent time in Boston and Shanghai in her business career, more recently settling into the startup & entrepreneurship scene in the Hudson Valley.  Noa gives us her insights into the role startups

Bounce Imaging

Founder Friday: Francisco Aguilar, Bounce Imaging

Bounce Imaging works to protect those who work tirelessly to protect us, and developed a 360-degree throwable camera that firefighters, police officers, and first-responders can use to assess a potentially dangerous environment before entering.


Latitude Episode 14: Fighting Cancer In Space

What is it like seeing your work launched into space? This week on the podcast we talk with 43North winning co-founder Sourav Sinha from Oncolinx, the $1 million winner.  In May, Oncolinx’s cancer treatment experiment was launched to the International Space Station where astronauts there will conduct tests that allow the Oncolinx team to


Founder Friday: Weijie Poh & Josh Wang of Pathovax

Imagine the possibility of not just curing one variation of a type of cancer, but all variations. Game changer, right? That’s exactly what 2016 Winner PathoVax is determined to accomplish. Their HPV vaccine, RGVax, targets all 15 types of HPV that cause cervical cancer and other cancers, where current vaccines on the market only target a


Latitude Episode 12: The Plan To Jumpstart A Startup Ecosystem

Christina Orsi was one of the architects of the Buffalo Billion plan that has sparked a renewed entrepreneurial spirit in Western New York. This week on the Latitude Podcast Christina talks us through some of the reasons why 43North was part of that plan, the other projects succeeding in that plan and how Buffalo is


Latitude Episode 11: 26Shirts for Social Good

Del Reid loves Buffalo sports. The co-founder of the “Bill Mafia” can be seen any given Sunday rooting for the Buffalo Bill, no matter their record. But Del had a greater purpose, helping those in need. In an age where people turn to crowdfunding to help offset medical expenses while their family battles cancer and


Latitude Episode 9: The App That Gives A Voice To The Voiceless

10 million people in the United States and Europe have a difficulty communicated due to illnesses like ALS, Stroke and other medical conditions. Voiceitt, a Buffalo, NY and Israeli startup, has developed an advanced speech recognition technology currently being beta tested with users impacted with speech impairments. Voiceitt is a 2015 winner of the 43North